Maintaining lush and beautiful landscaping is more challenging than many people realize. You have to choose the right plants, the best fertilizer, and the plants need to receive a certain amount of water every day. The best way to ensure plants get the appropriate amount of water is to have an irrigation system that waters the landscaping automatically. However, if these irrigations are damaged, they can’t perform their job correctly. Just because the sprinklers are running doesn’t mean they are in perfect working condition. Here are four subtle signs that you should have your irrigation system repaired by professionals like Turf Goat.

Soaked or Dry Patches in Lawn

When an irrigation system is working correctly, it will spray water to all areas of the yard evenly. You need this balanced coverage, so your lawn looks healthy an uniform. If you end up with patches of your lawn that are over water or not getting enough water,  you’ll have oversaturated areas or dry areas of yellow grass. If your yard isn’t looking the way it’s supposed to, there’s a good chance that your irrigation system needs repairs. At Turf Goat, we’re landscaping an irrigation experts, so we can pinpoint the problem and restore your lawn to lush, green beauty.

Sputtering Sprinkler Heads

The sprinkler heads in an irrigation system are designed to allow water to flow freely to a particular part of the yard. If the sprinklers are clogged or broken, they will start sputtering instead of spraying uninterrupted. While this sputtering could be related to a pressure problem, the most likely issue if that sprinkler head is at fault. For example, sprinkler heads develop cracks and chips over time that undermine their performance. Similarly, sprinkler heads designed to pop out of the ground can end up shifting positions and misdirecting the water. And even simple things like dirt, mud, and gravel can contribute to accumulated debris that clogs sprinkler heads, which causes them to sputter or spray off target.

Water Pressure Problems

When it comes to the water pressure for an irrigation system, the pressure needs to be in a goldilocks zone, neither too high or too low. When the water pressure is too low, the water won’t reach every part of the yard. On the other hand, too much pressure prematurely wears out your irrigation equipment. There are several potential causes of pressure problems. These include issues with control valves and regulators or issues with the irrigation pipes. You can save yourself time and money by having a professional diagnose the problem and repair the equipment.

Significant Increase in Utility Bill/Water Usage

When your irrigation system is working properly, the amount of electricity and water it takes to operate will remain the same throughout the year. If there’s a sudden, unexplained jump in your utility bill, it may be related to your sprinkler system. The system uses electricity to control the pumps and the timer. Your electric usage could increase if these parts are beginning to fail. And if your water usage increases dramatically, it could the bad pressure of the regulator, forcing too much water through the system or a control valve delivering unbalanced loads. Similarly, leaks in the system that allow water to escape are also a problem that leads to higher water bills.

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