Fall is fast approaching, but the colder weather doesn’t mean that you can forget about your landscaping. The changing seasons means it’s time for homeowners to do some seasonal chores to prepare their lawn for the winter months. The work done now helps to ensure your yard remains healthy during the winter, and that it’s ready to thrive in the spring. Here are four lawn care tips from Turf Goat to prepare your lawn for the fall.

Mow Grass Regularly at Correct Height

The end of summer means the grass will grow a little slower, but it’s not time to put the mower away. Grass continues to grow through the fall and only stops at the first hard frost. And given the warmer weather of Florida, grass keeps growing for longer in the year. Keep your lawn cut to around 2½ to 3 inches in height. Allowing the grass to grow too long can allow it matte and become vulnerable to fungi and mold. On the other hand, cutting grass too short can hurt the root system, which hurts your lawn’s ability to withstand the cold and dryness in the winter. Turf Goat can help keep your lawn maintained with scheduled lawn mowing during the fall.

Aerate the Soil

Fall is the last chance to get your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive the winter. This makes it an ideal time to aerate your lawn, which makes it easier for oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the grass’s roots. There are tools you can use to assist with aeration, but it’s a time-consuming and expensive process. Renting a gas-powered aerator costs about $70 per day, which quickly punches holes into the soil and extract plugs of dirt. This process still takes a lot of time, so it’s often better to hire a landscaping contractor like Turf Goat to handle aerating your lawn.

Weed Control

The fall is an important time for lawn since it’s the last chance for roots to get the nutrients they need to last through winter. Weeds are in an energy-absorbing mode during the fall and any nutrients they steal from your lawn come at the expense of your grass, flowers, and other plants. However, they’re drinking in everything that comes their way, which includes weed killers. Applying the right herbicides now ensure that weeds won’t be a huge problem during the spring. It’s essential to use the right herbicides for the time period. Most weed killer manufacturers recommend applying the weed killer during early-to-mid autumn because it’s a time when daytime temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove Fallen Leaves

The changing foliage is part of the joy of autumn, but falling leaves are troublesome for a healthy lawn. Leaves block the light grass needs to thrive. They also trap moisture which can make the area susceptible to mold growth. During the fall, homeowners need to blow or rake leaves away to avoid having them damage the landscaping. Allowing leaves to remain will leave the grass under these piles as a soggy and decaying mat when spring revives. Crews from Turf Goat can help get rid of unwanted leaves from your lawn.


If you need help taking care of these fall landscaping chores, Turf Goat is here to help. Send us a message online to schedule a consultation to get a free estimate.