Maintain a healthy and well-maintained lawn is a vital part of keeping your property looking beautiful. The more sophisticated the landscaping, the more work homeowners need to do to keep everything looking fantastic. Whether you only have grass that needs to be mowed or your lawn has a variety of plants and trees, simple errors could hurt your efforts. Here are four common mistakes that homeowners make when caring for their landscaping.

Cutting the Grass Too Low

One of the most common mistakes you’ll see when driving through a neighborhood is grass that is mowed too low. People often cut their grass low on the assumption it’ll take longer to grow back. However, what works for a golf course isn’t ideal for your landscaping. Cutting the grass too short hurts it in multiple ways. When the blades are too short, it makes it harder for grass to use photosynthesis to grow healthy. Furthermore, low-cut grass has root systems that are more shallow, which can make it harder for the grass to absorb nutrients. Besides making it harder to grow, an excess of nutrients encourages weed growth.

Overwatering Plants

It’s common knowledge that plants need water to survive, but homeowners often give their plants more water than they need. If you’ve selected the plants in your landscaping correctly, they should be able to thrive naturally in your local climate. It shouldn’t take too much additional water to keep your lawn healthy. If you have tropical plants or annuals that require daily watering, you should have an irrigation system set up to ensure these plants get the right amount of water. Turf Goat can help by installing or repairing an irrigation system on your property.

Not Planning Your Landscaping

When people decide to enhance their landscaping, it’s vital to research and plan what will be done carefully. Factors such as average rainfall, the slope of your property, and the visual style you want to create will help you decide what to use and where. A healthy, sustainable landscaping plan comes from a deep familiarity with the area along with deliberate choices about plants and hardscaping features that work together. With years of experience creating beautiful landscaping plans in Florida, Turf Goat can help you design something appropriate and fabulous.

Ignoring Weeds

Besides being an eyesore, weeds can impede your lawn’s ability to grow. When it comes to weeds in their grass, some homeowners simply mow them down and consider the problem solved. However, the weed’s roots are still there, so they will steal nutrients from the grass, and the weed will grow back again. Taking the time to completely remove weeds from your lawn, then using weed killers to prevent them from growing back will keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy.

Keeping your yard beautiful takes a lot of work, and it’s often more than an individual homeowner can do on their own. If you need help with lawn care, irrigation, outdoor lighting, or another landscaping service, Turf Goat can help. Send us a message online to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on the services you need.