Keeping your lawn lush and green takes a lot of effort. Property owners need to ensure their grass is trimmed, free of weeds, and receiving plenty of water. An irrigation system is an effective way to water every part of your landscaping at once with little effort from the property owner. A broken automatic sprinkler system can ruin the uniformity of the lawn because some areas are receiving more nutrients than others. Here are four common issues that can affect your irrigation system that Turf Goat can help you fix.

Clogged Sprinklers

If some of your sprinklers aren’t working, it doesn’t necessarily mean your irrigation system requires extensive repairs. Sprinkler heads can become clogged if dirt and other tiny bits of debris are allowed to accumulate over time. Once this blockage happens, the sprinkler may spray less water than usual, the water may shoot in a different direction, or the water may not come out at all. Turf Goat fixes clogged sprinklers by cleaning the affected part and rinsing the filter until the water runs freely.

Obstructed Sprinklers

Because sprinkler systems are set in the ground, they can’t spray around objects that are in the way. Even if your sprinkler system is working correctly, it won’t do any good if the water is prevented from reaching all of the areas the sprinkler is meant to cover. As irrigation systems become more extensive and complex, it becomes harder to keep track of where all of the sprinkler heads are located. When homeowners forget where the sprinklers are, they may accidentally block them with things like trash cans, plants, and other objects. Over time, plants in the landscaping, such as when bushes and trees, can grow large enough to obstruct sprinklers. You can either move the obstructing objects on your own or have a professional like Turf Goat move the sprinkler head to a better location.

Damaged Parts and Missing Nozzles

Irrigation systems rely on small parts to spread water around the landscaping. These small parts are susceptible to damage and can go missing. Sprinkler nozzles can come loose over time or be torn off accidentally during yard work. A missing nozzle is a significant problem for your irrigation system. The nozzle controls how much water is released, and once it’s gone, large quantities of water will start pouring out the sprinkler. Besides driving up your utility costs, the excess water can hurt the plants around the missing nozzles. When you allow Turf Goat to maintain your irrigation system, our team will find, repair, and replace any broken nozzles to keep your irrigation system working properly.

Water Runoff on Sidewalks and Driveways

When it comes to watering your lawn, it’s possible to get too much of a good thing. An irrigation system should be calibrated to provide enough water for plants to thrive without over watering them. If you see runoff from your sprinkler system, when the water from your irrigation system can be seen along sidewalks or driveways, you’re using too much water. Runoff usually means the soil has reached its saturation point and cannot absorb more water. Several factors affect how long you should run your sprinklers. These include the sprinkler type, soil type, how compacted the soil is, and the slope of the land. You can prevent runoff by setting the sprinkler to run for shorter periods. If you’re having any trouble getting the timing right, Turf Goat can run some tests to find the ideal irrigation schedule for your lawn.

If you have any questions about repairing and maintaining your irrigation system, Turf Goat can help. Our landscapers have the experience to ensure your landscape remains healthy and attractive. Turf Goat offers irrigation maintenance packages to keep the system operating at its best year round.  We also offer service calls as well. If you are in The Eagles, Odessa, or Westchase connect with us so we can get you up and running the right way. Send us a message online if you would like us to make sure that your irrigation system is working at peak efficiency.