Looking at a beautiful yard is one of the simple pleasures in life, but there’s nothing simple about getting a yard to look that nice. Keeping your landscaping beautiful is a lot of work. Turf Goat specializes in providing high-quality lawn care services to people in Odessa, FL. Our services include lawn fertilization techniques that go above and beyond what people expect. Here are three lawn fertilization services you should get from Turf Goat.

Pest Control

A healthy lawn is like an open salad bar to bugs. Some bugs are there to eat pollen, some are there to eat the grass, and some are there to eat other insects. Left to their own devices, these bugs can damage your lawn and make it less pleasant to spend time in the yard. Worse still, bugs from outside the home can find their way indoors. While most people think about fertilizer as solely plant food, it’s possible to get a lawn fertilizer treatment that includes pest control. Turf Goat provides a pest control lawn fertilization service that ensures your lawn is healthy and bug-free. It’s best to get this kind of treatment done during the spring and summer, before the points where bugs are at their most active.

Weed Control

Fertilizer can be a double-edged sword for people that want lawns that are beautiful and healthy. The substances that help your grass and flowers grow also help weeds grow. Without taking proper care, homeowners can find that their fertilizer is doing more to feed the weeds than the plants it was meant to assist. Besides being an eyesore on a perfect lawn, weeds damage the grass and flowers around it by absorbing the nutrients that were meant for the plants. Turf Goat can assist property owners with the fight against weeds by providing a weed control fertilization treatment. The weed control fertilizers we use are formulated to help plants while killing off any weeds that try to crash the party. We can provide weed control lawn fertilization service for flower beds and lawns. We have the right fertilizer mixtures to ensure you get the best results without feeding unwanted plants.

Liquid and Organic Fertilizers

There is a wide variety of fertilizers to choose from, and Turf Goat has options for homeowners who have special needs or concerns when it comes to their lawn. For example, one of the great debates in fertilizer is whether you should use liquid or granular fertilizer. Like most things in life, the answer is complicated, and based on particulars of the lawn in question. Granular fertilizers are able to deliver nutrients that are harder to spread using liquid-based fertilizers. However, liquids spread more evenly on the grass, and they lack many of the compounds that can inadvertently burn plants. If you want to have a lawn fertilization treatment with liquid fertilizer, Turf Goat has you covered. Similarly, some property owners only want to use organic fertilizers. There are a variety of reasons why they may want to do this. Whatever the reason, Turf Goat has special organic fertilizers to meet their needs.

Maintaining your lawn is hard work, but Turf Goat can make the process easier with custom fertilization treatments. When you use the right fertilizer on your lawn, your landscaping looks better and it free from bugs and weeds. Send Turf Goat a message online if you have a question about which fertilizer is right for you, or you would like to get a free quote for services.